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Yoav Nir

Entrepreneur, consultant, coach & public speaker


Yoav Nir is co-inventor of ClickShare, an innovation that he championed and helped bring to market to become one of Barco’s most successful products. He is also a Virtual and Augmented Reality pioneer and the author of the new book Game-changing innovation (available Nov. 17).


Master of Engineering by degree, Yoav adores technology, applaud simplicity and appreciate beauty. 




entrepreneurial summit presentation: Virtual & Augmented Reality a hype or the next big thing? (in Dutch)

value proposition pitching, product presentation


I had the pleasure of working with Yoav for over 5 years - initially to support my clients in Asia, and later as the Partner Manager for Schlumberger. Yoav brings an excellent mix of business strategy, great interpersonal skills, in-depth empathy of the client's perspective and humour when he interacted with our team. This combination helped grow our business year-on-year and created a positive atmosphere to do business both at the Global level as well as in the various field locations where we interacted together.

The key ingredient for the success of the relationship was Yoav!


#Rajiv Kumaraswamy

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