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Nowadays every company (corporates, startups and scaleups) wants to make products that sell. Through innovation and creativity we want to make the best products, but often with varying degrees of success. Nevertheless, with some simple techniques and strategies one can signi- ficantly increase the probability and size of suc- cess of his product or service.

Based on 20 years of hands-on experience at Barco nv (ClickShare® and Virtual Reality within Barco), Yoav Nir explains these concrete techni- ques and strategies. The methodology that the author brings is, with the book as a guide and more than seventy tips, quickly useful in practice. The theory is supplemented with many cases. It is primarily a “how to” book and a lesson learned, based on in-depth analysis and reflection. As a result, it complements existing international refe- rence work (Osterwalder, Ries, ...).

The book focuses on both startups and scaleups, as well as on larger corporates where entrepre- neurship can lead to new, innovative products and services, as well as corporate venturing to realize products, ... The dynamics and precondi- tions are different in each of these organizations, but there are also similarities in the realization of successful products / services.

Hugo Vandamme


"Game-changing Innovation has been written by someone who has experienced it all, someone who has put a successful product on the market. This distinguishes the book from other books on innovation"

Omar Mohout


"For corporations / SMBs that are hardware/product oriented, the value of this book is immense, given their challenges."

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