"hands on" consulting & coaching

Total Product Strategy

Based on design thinking & lean innovation concepts and methodology, we focus on:

  1. Value identification
  2. Value creation (design to value)
  3. Astute competitive analysis

We provide unique training & coaching in eliciting (unspoken) customer needs.


Game Changing Innovation

From idea to successful product, for the start-up & the multinational corporation

  1. The validated learning loop
  2. Handling uncertainty
  3. Pivot strategy

Go to Market

From idea to successful product, for the start-up & the multinational corporation

  1. Pricing
  2. Channels (Tier1 & Tier2) & value chain
  3. Scaling & Sales enablement

Business Development & International sales

  1. How & where to start?
  2. Building an eco-system
  3. Opening doors

Yes we can help you


  • ClickShare inventor & champion leading the ClickShare venture’s Go 2 Market, Sales & Product Management.
  • Building the fundamentals of growth from 0 to 120M€ in 4 years!
  • Virtual Reality pioneer. Founder of Barco’s Virtual & Augmented Reality Division that created innovative technology indispensable in e.g. 3D cinema, car design and Oil & Gas.

Looking for a refreshing speaker?


I love to present and share my knowledge and experience as a public speaker. With a sparkle of “my peculiar dry humour” I strive to entertain, motivate and inspire others. Some of my favourite topics are:

  • game changing innovation,
  • creativity,
  • intrapreneurship
  • perseverance through uncertainty.
  • marketing dogmas
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Lean, Agile, Design thinking,



Over my many years in the PROAV business, I have met & worked with some very good people. None were more instrumental to our success than Yoav. He came to us with an idea & together we launched Clickshare in the USA. All product launches are challenging but this one was made easier by his willingness to listen & to arrive at win/win solutions. We had the advantage of a great product but it takes more than a product to produce the gains we enjoyed due to his leadership


#Jim Starin

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